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Text Hold Vertical Top Position Rather Than Bottom

Text Hold Vertical Top Position Rather Than Bottom

How often are you editing text on a specifications sheet and the top moves because you've added / deleted lines to it? Yes, there are way to work around this (note block schedules, smart annotations, tags, etc.) but how simple should it be to have the base point of text be the top (or even based on the position of alignment (top left, bottom right, middle middle)?


Which version of Revit are you using?

This was added in (I think) 2019.

Text Justification.JPG

But even before that, I've always found Revit Text to grow down. I don't remember it ever growing up

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Wow thanks for this (and yes I feel really dumb)! I didn't realize the alignment also controlled the direction the text would expand when you edited it, but at least it was only Revit 2019 they added it as I tried it in Revit 2018 and it didn't work. But thanks again so much!

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