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Text Columns

Text Columns

Allow columns in standard text boxes. One text box with the ability to add multiple columns that wrap as the size of the text box is adjusted.


Alternatively, the ability to link/crop text boxes so that overflow from one pours into the other, similar to how schedules work.

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As we move towards doing entire projects in Revit, this is becoming a vital need.  We are seeing a lot of jobs where we are placing specifications on the drawings.  right now that process is edit the file in word, print each page as an individual pdf and depending on which version of Revit, either placing the pdf's in drafting views or saving each page as a jpeg and placing on drafting views.  This is a laborious task, but it is pointless putting the specs in Revit as a text until we can use columns that change as you edit the document.

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It would be very beneficial to have the same text functions as MTEXT and DTEXT from AutoCAD. Revit text is frustrating to work with. Currently we fake the sequential lettering or numbering in a list so that we can manually manipulate it. This leads to a formatting issue with tabs and spaces, which eats up time, but  it works. 


@Anonymous highlights why this feature is needed. What a long work around. Alternatively to those solutions we are linking an AutoCAD file. Not ideal.


@Anonymous said it well. Same text functions as MTEXT and DTEXT.


Better yet, Word functionality when it comes to formatting options. 


Yes - as part of 'documentation', text is everywhere, on every sheet etc...therefore you would expect text functionality to be a priority for Autodesk to 'fix' and make as user friendly as possible.


- allow columns is a priority

- allow user to create and use their own bullet types

- etc... as have already been mentioned in various forums

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Hi @benhagerman @Lars_Jeppesen @Jeremy.Oakes @Anonymous - we have found a perfect solution for this. Shoot me an email so we can discuss.




Allowing existing Revit text boxes (which don't support multiple columns within a box) to simply split/wrap the contents in the manner that Revit Schedule elements currently allow (when placed on sheets) would be a helpful interim step towards more capable text boxes in general.

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