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Text Alignment

Text Alignment

Currently, when writing big blocks of text that have tab indents and bullet points, the text seems to shift as you go to re-edit the block. This then means I need to go back through the big wall of text, and realign everything to how it was before because Revit seems to shift everything around. In AutoCAD, this doesnt happen. No matter what zoom you are, the text alignment will always remain the same.


This bad text functionality in Revit has costed me tons of time, as we have text blocks in our template that need editing for each project (specifications template sheet that gets information taken away from it for each project depending on what that project uses).


Essentially, I'd like Revit's text functionality to improve so that the text doesnt shift every time you go to edit it.

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Status changed to: Implemented

Hi @YZhuang_Spectech, you'll be happy to know that the issue you describe was fixed in the updated text editor in Revit 2017. Please see the what's new article.


Oh, great to hear! We have 2017 installed but have yet to use it for any projects yet/set up our template to there yet so I wasnt aware of this!


Great work, any chance of it getting implemented into 2016 in the near future, or updates only apply to future versions?


rallan, I can't answer for Autodesk, but I'd guess there's pretty much zero chance you're going to see the changes in 2016.

From what I know about the 2017 Text changes, they basically re-wrote the entire underpinnings of Text in 2017.

Much of the reason this has been a Wish List item for years is that it was a major change.

And, there are very rarely any changes in Revit that are backward compatible. (Or any software, for that matter)

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Dave's right. We had to rip out everything that existed before and replace it with an entirely new way to store and manage the text. Unfortunately that means that the new way we store the data is not compatible with the data storage in previous releases.


Regarding changes that are backward compatible - we're always on the lookout for things that are. In our point releases (.1, .2) files are compatible with previous versions. Unfortunately this just isn't one of them.

Status changed to: Gathering Support
Status changed to: Implemented

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