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Tag Legend Components

Tag Legend Components

This has to be the biggest overlooked development opportunity in Revit so far regarding architects at least.
And specifically door/window drawings.

Archicad seems less typebased and thus slightly better in earlier phases of a project.
As the project develops Revit pulls comfortably ahead expect on one thing.
Revit has a great type system but cannot document the types properly.

Looking at this very rationally and professionally, during the last 10 years, deciding not develop the ability to document types is just an error of jugdement. Simple as that.
You have Assemblies but those are unusable for Door/Window drawings for a number of reasons.
(One being they disappear when the last instance is removed)

Legend components is the logical choice but you cannot tag the information they have.

So the core of the issue is to create type drawings incl type data.

Seems so obvious right ?

Except using Revit you cannot do it.

Archicad can do it and is very very good at it.

Putting a normal Door tag on a Door component in a legend view seems to be one logical path forward.

Creating Assemblies directly from a type (no instance involved) could also do it i suppose.

But seriously come on, something needs to happen here.





One can passionately push for improvement while being open to competition coming up with an alternative that better suits him. Yes, thank goodness I never have to do a project in Autocad again. But man, do I wish seemingly simple features that would drastically improve my work flow would be of higher priority.


A forum is a collection of differing opinions and perspectives. Be ok with that. 


Don't cross-post unless it is to consolidate multiple threads of the same idea.

If we are talking Hyperbole - just go back to Vanilla Flat-cad Autocad.  I am sure it can handle BIM and 3D data fine in 2d. And think of all the time you save by not having to look at every aspect of the model- especially that pesky 3rd dimension!


Autodesk laying off large divisions in the old hire-fire scenario rather that doubling down in development Right as their AutoCAD Spokesperson Lynn Allen left... See a indication of direction here? I suspect those were AutoCAD coders and AutoCAD base folks when the closed the Swiss office in 2017.


If you really want them to push all their development into Revit- Stop using AutoCAD and its derivatives!


Yes, if you really want to learn Revit in hard ways, the be OLD DOG LEARNING NEW TRICKS. That's what I am doing now because I want to work in Architectural Firms again. I had made the decision to give up AutoCAD for good. If you have a strong AutoCAD background then you should embrace Revit easily. 


I recommend you subscribe to Jeff the "Revit Kid" blogs. 


I'm far past "learning" REVIT at this point. I'm at the point of knowing it so well I can see its inadequacies and complain about things I expected to see resolved years ago. As a 12 year user of this software I believe I'm qualified to do so without being told to "go back to AutoCAD." But hey, at least we got PDF insertion this year right? But not linking, or snapping, or anything else you'd expect to have... which is something AutoCAD actually does better, and has for years.

@pedro I've sent the list you compiled to the moderators as duplicates of this idea suitable for merging. When they merge them the votes get consolidated which helps push the idea up in front of the roadmap planning people at Autodesk. 


@MichaelWarwick7522 , yes I like that. That can help them to see that and include that feature sooner than 2026. Good thing, especially you liked my screencast!  Thank you!  

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Yep that sounds great. upvote.


and of course Dimensions would be great too.


I'd like to add Parts view in legends! Then Parts tags could show layer thickness and material with a leader pointing to the relevant part layer. 





I know that its been 4 years since this thread has started but MAJOR Upvote. Window and Door Legends would be way less stressful if I could use a parametric window and door tag on my legend symbol rather than a text box that someone could forget to update.... Legend symbols are one of those revit things that are soooo close to being this perfect tool, but falls just short. Tagging in legends would fix that.Annotation 2020-02-04 135456.jpg



It's possible to do a Material Keynote but not an Object Keynote. Object Keynoting of Legend View items is needed.


yeah, its mid of 2020 and we still cannot create a real BIM legend in Revit...





This is a request to endorse LEGENDS with ability to TAG a legend component. In example walls legend should at least be possible to tag represented walls. That way we'd have a "live" display of what this element is, and could pair it with a schedules, at least. Otherwise, any other way to display a parametric description of placed legend elements.
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This would be a great option. Especially for type parameters.


This deserves so many more votes, Legends are awful in Revit.  Considering this is BIM, the function of these are completely opposite of what BIM stands for. Should of been fixed many years ago. Allot of work is needed on increasing functionality of  legends.


What is the status of this request? "Gathering support"?


This is IMMENSELY useful for us to create REAL BIM Legends... and we need to make legends EVERY DAY, for EVERY PROJECT, this is not a rare task, but a daily occurrence.


Only materials parameters can be tagged in legends, last time I checked.


Right now we still have to create a "Legend" phase, or option... and actually model the legends' elements in some remote portion of the project... quite incredible after 15 years of development.


Thank you




Incredible is one way to put it. Abusive/Irresponsible/Careless would be others. 
It's things like this that forced the largest names in Architecture to pen an open letter to the pathetic attention design has received in this program. Even after that there's been no progress on this or the thousand other quality of life issues in the design-realm in REVIT updates.


Time goes by....nothing


HI Autodesk. please release this feature already. I have paid for countless useless plug ins and errors because IT IS NOT BIM. Please add taggable legends like this week. Skip Dynamo. Dynamo is pretty much useless we need actually solutions. I've written dynamo scripts and really it needs to be a solid integral part of this software.


I agree with this too.


It’s Really frustrating in the BIM environment to be able to parameterise everything and then have to write it out manually as text in a legend because Revit doesn’t support tagging legend components…


Come on AutoDesk, show Legends some love, they’re archaic in Revit and sorely in need of an update.

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