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Tag Family Instance Parameters

Tag Family Instance Parameters

It would be nice to have some instance parameter options for tag families.


For instance, I have a duct tag with many different options. Rather than having a ton of types to cover all possible scenarios, it would be nice to have the ability to have visibility check-boxes as an instance parameter. This way I could build some Types to cover the main tagging options, then have some instance properties for things that aren't as "type" specific.


Currently I might have Types for:

    Duct Size - Transparent

    Duct Size - Opaque

    Duct Size - Existing - Transparent

    Duct Size - Existing - Opaque

    Duct Size - Transparent w/ Elevation TOD

    Duct Size - Opaque w/ Elevation TOD

    Duct Size - Existing - Transparent w/ Elevation TOD

    Duct Size - Existing - Opaque w/ Elevation TOD

    Duct Size - Transparent w/ Elevation BOD

    Duct Size - Opaque w/ Elevation BOD

    Duct Size - Existing - Transparent w/ Elevation BOD

    Duct Size - Existing - Opaque w/ Elevation BOD


If I have the option for some of these options as Instance parameters I could have Types for:

    Duct Size

    Duct Size - Existing

With these parameters as Instance properties to be controlled on an as needed basis:

   Transparent Tag / Opaque Tag

   Elevation BOD

   Elevation TOD


Maybe I'm thinking about this in a different way that others normally do, but I'd like to have a single tag with the different options built in, rather than a ton of tags to load in/have in the template, etc.



Allowing to tag by instance and not just by type.

Adjusting the width of text in main file and not only in family.


Adjusting the width of the label of tag family in main model is great idea!


We accomplish something similar (with framing) with a tag family with various types, but invariably there's an option that we didn't think of (or that's specific to a particular project) that we have to create a custom family for... 😞


I have a similar idea for another instance based parameter within tag families. It would be great if both of these were implemented


This is much wanted, currently having like 20 types on my pipe tags, just to cover some basic combinations. An instance parameter would solve much. For example I have an over or underline that varies depending on size (number of digits)


Yes. Do need instance parameters for pipe tags too. Would like to control arrow visibility and position.


Give us Instance Parameters for tags, please. This would be handy for example for controling the visibility or size of a frame or border.

This is an issue that has been raised multiple times on the official forum. 


I hereby also kindly request that you listen to the feedback of your users and use this to keep improving Revit. There's multiple issues from even over 10 years ago that still haven't been solved...


Yes, please implement this.

I understand the reason why the software was design not to (see this link from 2015 , BUT it is very usefull in the following example situations:


- Room tags with instance graphic option (say the spacing of the text for smaller rooms)

- Pipe arrows (so that we can use select all in view with the revit default tool)


I bet that there ara many more...

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