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Sweep Path Length Calculation.

Sweep Path Length Calculation.

If I have a cornice in a ceiling of a room. I want to Schedule it with the " Length" Parameter..


- NOW I should go to Edit in Place then Edit Sweep then Edit Path and Calculate Path ( Manual or by Dynamo ) and set the Sum of Lengths to a new parameter in model in place to schedule it to submit B.O.Q. (Bill of Quantities) ..


- Please make the software able to calculate the path length and if the model in place contains one sweep.. it will be available to the model in place parameters .


Sweep path calculation no Macro or Dynamo . Tested  on Extruded Box and  arc shape. It works perfect with square profile 1x1mm only.Square profile corner should match insertion point center (red dot). Need some time to get right precision with Volume rounding. Custome: 0.000000x1. L is done with additional Volume multiplier.Sweep Path Length Calculation.jpg


It seems to me to one of the first things one would naturally want to do with a sweep, so I'm surprised that exposing of the sweep path length is not built in.


Some have said that dividing the volume by the profile area, and so on, is a work round. It is not really. Revit calculated volumes are not often accurate and the process is to clunky anyway. Another source of error here might be that the relationship of volume and path length requires definition - it depends on which path. Only the path of the centroid gives the correct result according to Pappus' theorem (was it Pappus? Can't remember).


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