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Surface and Soil Pattern Mask

Surface and Soil Pattern Mask

It would vastly improve the look of elevation views if wall patterns and topography cut patterns could be masked.  Obviously a masking region could be used. But what I am suggesting is all model generated patterns should have there own functionality to be masked independent of other 3d elements. With this feature architecture can more easily return to clean and traditional drafting practices.



This is already in the program.

Open Visibility and graphics and uncheck the visibility for surface patterns for the categories you do not want to see.

I am showing for just walls which have a metal siding pattern that has been turned off .

You can then make this part of your view template for elevations to quickly apply to each view.




@Mike.FORM, I DO want to see the surface patterns. Just a small sampling of the pattern in a convenient space that doesn't clutter the view.  I realize that you can turn off the pattern and then add some detail annotation. But this is not a proper solution because if the wall type were to change the detailing might accidentally be left untouched. A live pattern with masking is the proper solution.


I understand now.

So you would like something similar to how the "Split Surface" tool works that allows you to draw a region on your face so only the pattern shows there.

I could see it working like this with a small flip arrow on one of the lines like the "Cut Profile" sketch so you could make the region inclusive or exclusive.

It would also allow you to draw multiple areas in the same sketch.




Precisely like splitface. I would suggest being able to have multiple sample areas so a model pattern could look like this. Also, nScreenshot 2024-02-23 142721.pngot just for elevations, I think it would be beneficial in many other views. Simply part of the pattern functionality. 

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