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Support the use of nested CAD links (fix squiggly line display)

Support the use of nested CAD links (fix squiggly line display)

Although we can link CAD files with nested xrefs, the nested xrefs cannot be used due to their squiggly line display.

It would seem that the display distortion is irrespective of extents or distance away from the origin, but solely based on whether the CAD files are linked separately or as a nested xref within a linked CAD file.

Below are screen shots of the same CAD files linked separately and nested into one CAD link, respectively.


CAD link with nested xrefs - squiggly lines:

CAD link with nested xrefs - squiggly linesCAD link with nested xrefs - squiggly lines

Separate CAD links:Separate CAD links:Separate CAD links:

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By all means, take my vote for this. Unfortunately this somehow collides with AD's policy that all DWG files should in a way be prepared before Revit consumption. Probably getting rid of xrefs is considered part of that process.

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