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Support of MEP elements (pipe, cable trays..) in plan regions in reflected ceiling plans

Support of MEP elements (pipe, cable trays..) in plan regions in reflected ceiling plans

Currently MEP elements visibility control by plan regions in RCP views are limited. Wish to support these kind of elements as well fully in RCP views' plan regions.



Hello! We'd like to inquire about adding an easier way to show piping correctly in ceiling plans, or showing ceilings correctly in floor plans. The issue is getting ceilings to show up on floor plans, along with all doors/windows while being able to tag rooms.


If we use floor plans, to show the ceilings we have to set the view to look up then the cut plane ABOVE the ceiling for it to show. This view will show piping rises and downs properly, however you can't tag rooms.


The other option is using ceiling plans, however, piping risers don't show up properly (up/down riser symbols), but then room tagging and doors/windows can shop up properly.


IT's annoying that we can't have both work properly and causes frustration for AHJ's that can't get all the information they want on 1 sheet.


We just need Revit to have an option to turn on the ceiling in a floor plan view. Look up and look down. Mechanical systems are typically drawn on a Floor Plan but we'd still like to see the ceiling grid too. Current workarounds include adding an RCP view under the floor plan view on the sheet. Too much added work.


Please fix this as soon as possible - ie make it a priority




No Updates I am aware of. We still put an RCP view on a sheet and drop HVAC on top...


The Revit duct straights are unable to be controlled by the plan region, but Revit duct fittings are. Looks like this is a bug with Revit MEP, not as much a missing feature/support. I am surprised Autodesk has not fixed this by now.


I recently opened a ticket with Autodesk about this.  Their response was, in part:


The team responded that the Plan Region tool is currently working as designed and it has been created specifically for Architectural and Structural elements.

Why restrict plan region functionality to just Architecture and Structural?  MEP and others are an integral part of the construction document set.  Buildings that contain split levels require most disciplines to include plans in which they need to show their elements in those split level areas.  Not just Architecture and Structural.  Too many times we've had to find workarounds to get our MEP elements to appear correctly.


Plan regions do affect the visibility of air terminals and duct fittings.  Why not the duct itself?  It seems to me it would take more programming to restrict than to just let the plan region affect ALL categories.


Another part of their response:


The enhancement of this feature to include MEP elements is planned, but right now, it's not included in their immediate roadmap.

Autodesk, please, spend less time on the flashy new whizbang ideas and fix the many basic functionality problems that users suffer from.


Thank you

Its just a 18 wheeler with a flat tire.

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