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Suggestion for Adding a Zone/Region Tool for 3D Filling in Revit

Suggestion for Adding a Zone/Region Tool for 3D Filling in Revit

Dear Revit Team,


I would like to suggest the implementation of an additional tool or the same tool for different uses, the suggestion is a "3D Fill zone/region tool to highlight environments or, for example, apartments with different typologies".


This tool would allow users to create 3D filled regions, similar to the "Environment" and "Environment Separator" tool boundary, with the additional ability to add colors to these boundaries. This functionality would be particularly useful for representing different environments or units in a building, enabling a clearer and more intuitive visualization of spaces in 3D – check the attached image.


I propose that the new tool be integrated with the existing "Environment" tool to ensure a smooth transition in the user experience. Within this tool, the option to add color to the filled zone would be a welcome feature, allowing colors to be visualized not only in plans but also in 3D views, providing a richer and more informative representation of the project.


It would be another successful way to add new possibilities for representing and enhancing the project made in Revit.


Best regards,
Erik Hianke

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Captura de tela 2023-11-20 114935.png

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