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Suggested Improvement for Graphic Representation in Autodesk Revit

Suggested Improvement for Graphic Representation in Autodesk Revit

Dear Revit Team,

I have a suggestion that I believe could significantly improve the graphing experience. We observed that, in some other BIM software, there is a functionality that allows the definition of thick lines in the external isometric area by activating a specific view model.

We understand that applying line styles is a common approach, but it often proves to be an inefficient process, especially when working with numerous lines in the project. In this sense, we suggest implementing a view model in Autodesk Revit that, when activated, automatically identifies the highlighted lines with normal thicknesses and the external lines with thicker thicknesses.

This approach would significantly simplify the process of creating isometric representations by eliminating the need to manually apply individual line styles. This functionality would provide a more efficient and flexible representation, allowing users to focus more on the creative expression of their projects.

We appreciate your consideration of this suggestion and are confident in the Autodesk Revit team's ability to continue raising the bar for software innovation. We look forward to seeing possible future updates that could incorporate this functionality, further improving the quality of graphical representations in Autodesk Revit.

Best regards,
Erik Hianke

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