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Subtypes within Revit Links

Subtypes within Revit Links

Hi there, 


I'm currently working on a large scale residential development, with 9 basic townhouse types, each of which  having 2-5 "sub-types" (left end, right end, centre, flipped, material a, material b, etc, etc). In the early concept design, each basic type was it's own link, with Revit options used for the different features. Once linked into our working/site file, we used view template>V/G Overrides RVT Links>Display Settings>Options, to show the correct option. However this needed to be completed in each relevant view and with 150 townhouses this became tedious and left a lot of room for human error and discrepancies. Also, one of the links kept resetting the option to default. 

The benefit of this method is that when there were minor changes to the internal layout etc, these were carried over within the type into each "sub-type." 


We have now moved into the documentation phase and have split the "sub-types" into individual links/files. The benefit of this method is that within the working/site file, each townhouses link/type is set and consistent in all views. The disadvantage is that when there is a minor change within the type, anywhere for 2-5 files need to be opened, modified, saved and reloaded. This allows room for small discrepancies from one sub-type to the next but takes significantly more time than would be required if these files could be merged. 


My suggestion is to have an "Options" like setting, that allows all of the subtypes to be in one link/file and that can be set in the working/site file, like a parameter and that is consistent across all views/schedules etc. 

This would make my life (and I'm sure many other's) significantly easier and save an enormous amount of time. 




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