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Subcategories in Custom Material libraries

Subcategories in Custom Material libraries

It would be A BLESS to be able to create a subcategory in user material libraries.

For example, I can have a Category of "Metals" and then "Iron, Steel & Aluminium" as subcategories! This will help with keeping a clean and neat material library!

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This would also be very helpful for concrete mix designs. 


eg: Concrete catagory and then type N-5,15,30 Mpa...type C-1-30,35Mpa,C-2-.... so on and so forth.


@Anonymous Absolutely. At this point I am creating a material library and since we work with a lot of manufacturers, we already have their prices. Therefore, it would be so much easier to clasify information and simply pull what you need!

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Yes, I agree! I use to categorize materials also for producer and it would be amazing.

Ability to assign color separately from material. Material should stay the same and modify the color/finish of the material independent from the material as to not clog up the project materials with duplicates for different colors. Also would allow phasing of the colors without modifying the parent material asset to allow colors/finishes to be applied in different phases.

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