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Structural Steel Bent Plate and Flat Pattern

Structural Steel Bent Plate and Flat Pattern

The ability to create Bent Plates and their Flat patterns with functionality similar to how Inventor does this.

Would aid in direct to workshop floor shop drawings

Add this feature to the "Steel" tab


This should be built in function in Revit because: 


1. As anyone who has worked in design build, we design the flashing.

2. Yes I do model the flashing and sheet metal for many applications. 

3. No I don't want to to show it as a detail item, because I export 3D Files to be fabricated from. 

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@kimberly.fuhrman please combine with my idea here:


@BMillarBCG25  though you asking for sheet metal and I was asking for plate the same idea could apply to both, though you would not likely bend extremely thick plate.


@revit team this feature could also be used for stiffening ducting in other words the slight X pattern you see on ducting to stop in bending and warping and/or working out flat pattern for square to rounds etc.... 


This idea would definitely benefit structural and MEP.


@wr.marshall   I agree 100%, This would be useful across  every specialty. 


1. I do use bent plate for structural applications. 

2. Sheet metal for Architectural 

3.And as you made clear for MEP as well. 




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