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Structural Foundation Beam

Structural Foundation Beam

I would like to be able to place a beam using the foundation tool and therefore categorized as Structural Foundations instead of a structural framing member. This would be a similar concept to floors verses foundation slabs where the tool is similar but categorized differently. This would help scheduling greatly and remove the need to filter in/out ground/grade beams.


@Leo_Shand You can do it in a way: draw a wall and add a wall foundation. But it doesn't work for all cases. Because sometimes there might be no wall above that foundation and we need to use a fake wall just to add such foundation. Not the honest solution (the fake wall), but i use it sometimes, when needed.

Not applicable

I think @ipselute totally misses the point we dont want a work around we just need more specific and relevant categories


@Anonymous I'm not missing the point, i'm just doing a "dishonest" trick exactly because we don't have an appropriate option for that situation.


@ipselute Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, there are many workarounds. Getting rid of workarounds is the point of this forum, to flag up to Autodesk we need dedicated tools for things like this.

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