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Structural Columns need to cut walls

Structural Columns need to cut walls

When you add a tie column into a wall it should cut the wall.  Right now we have to split the wall where the column has been added and drag the wall footing under the tie column if it doesn't have an isolated footing of it's own.  As we work the model we have to continually check to make sure the column hasn't joined the wall because, if it does, the column then disappears and looks like the wall hatch instead of standing out like it should.  There should be a setting to keep the columns from joining with a wall.


The whole notion of 

A) Creating Columns and joining to walls and switching the join order is bonkers.


B) Model around the column with different wall types. (Which is overkill in my opinion depending on the job).

I find this task frustrating and long. 


There should be a family option in Revit Families that allows columns/structural columns to automatically cut away walls. I find the scripts with Dynamo confusing, or using a paid option which usually requires an annual subscription and are not updated with the latest version of Revit to be ridiculous for such a basic feature.






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