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Stretchable Tags

Stretchable Tags

It is getting old having to create custom tags to control wrapping or width.  In addition, linear stretchable tags could be useful in tagging things like wall ratings. 


Add in View Titles to that list as well.


Yeah, while we're at it, it would also be nice to have the current width and height of text displayed in a tag available as a read-only parameters. This way we could drive all sorts of tag-related geometry. For example, we could create all manner of boxes around our tags that auto resize as the text changes.


It would be enough, if the tags can use instance parameters.


I posted the same idea back in Feb 2017 and still gathering support:


Hope it gets implemented!

Yeah, "gathering support" doesn't actually mean anything. Plenty of good
ideas that were gathering support got binned, errr, I mean archived.


Now we have 62 kudos, if we merge this idea with the idea from SashKaz we will get almost 100 kudos. Can somebody do this?


@lukas-tunka I've notified the moderators and hopefully they will merge the other idea into this one.


It blows my mind that this hasn't been implemented by Revit yet. People get on board! Revit- for your users' sake, get on with it! 


Tags should have control points for the size of the text box in every instanse placed in project, at least the option of it. Like the texts annotations we control the size of the box. In tags we have only one size especified in the family. This could be controled in the instance of the tag family.





Tags (2)

Much more important to me seems to be that text in all tags, would refer to only text types within the original file. Now if you want to use (have to use, that is, for multi-company-workers) one text style in one model, and another style in another project, now it requires duplicating all tags... this is (for me) an unacceptable way of dealing with this...


Currently Tags are fixed to the label width they are set to in a Tag Family.  Can these have a flexi option to stretch the Tag family in terms of it's width within a project, exactly like what the annotation text box does.  When the text box is stretched, the text automatically reconfigures to the stretched width.  This should also be applied to Tags.


When a tag family is created and an element tagged to display its tagged parameter in one view, and the same tag family is used on another view, one would prefer to stretch the tag width to either increase or decrease it, but you cannot as the label width has been fixed in the creation of the tag family.

This forces one to either create additional tag families to suit or, create additional labels of various widths controlled with visibility parameters in the one tag family.  This is unnecessary and a time consuming task, and furthermore causes "clutter".


This Flexi Tag function would apply to all Tag types, example: 

  • Room Tags
  • Area Tags
  • Generic Tags
  • Multi-Category Tags, etc.

It shall make adjusting the width of a tag simple, efficient and a huge time saving exercise.

Tags (4)

@lukas-tunka Agree, allowing Instance Parameters in tag families would enable most of what is being requested.


Still mega frustrating having to create additional tags/types just to control wrapping or width

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