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Stretch vertically on the right side when editing temporary dimensions

Stretch vertically on the right side when editing temporary dimensions


Anytime I draw a rectangle, for example, I draw the approximates measures than I enter the good values I need in the temporary dimensions.


The problem is : it never stretch on the right side vertically, so it always result in the need to move the shape.

On the other hand, horizontally it seems correct.


99% of the time, the first clic I do when starting to draw, is a point where I know the form need to be.

It would be logic that, when I edit the temporary dimensions, the first point would stay there.

But it is not the case.


Even if the first click is at the end of a line, for example, it stretch the wrong side and I have a pop up telling : "Cannot leave items attached to each other".


See image below (dimensions are exaggerated on purpose) :Capture.JPG


Thank you!

What about use the top left corner as the anchor point to draw the box?

I am afraid I don't follow you @Evalucia.
When I use the rectangle tool within the Detail Line command, Revit will allow me to pick 2 points to form the extents of my rectangle. If I want to change the extents of that rectangle once I have drawn it, I will select the side/line I would like to move, make the necessary adjustments to the temporary dimension(s) that show up and then hit enter and the line I have selected will move accordingly. If it will clash with another line, naturally it will throw up an error/warning.


Could you give a step by step example to explain your issue further?


@Evalucia ,

I see what @CFNBen is saying , if you select the top line before you change the dimension, you should get the result you are expecting. However, I also see how you are getting your result. If you pick the two points to create the rectangle and immediately try to change the temporary dimensions, then yes, the bottom line moves up to meet the top line. As @ToanDN mentioned, if you create the rectangle from top to bottom and then modify the temporary dimensions, you will get the result you are expecting.


Please let us know if there is a specific feature request, otherwise I will move this thread to the forums.

Thank you!



Hi @kimberly.fuhrman 


First of all, english is not my mother language so maybe I wasn't clear enough.


I know there is a workaround, but this is not what I was looking for by submitting this idea.


Like about everything else in revit, you can achieve what you want in more steps than what could be needed.


I'm looking to be efficient and don't lose time.


Doing the method @ToanDN said : I still need to move the rectangle when it's done because the "base point" I need can't be the top left corner 100% of the time.


Doing the method @CFNBen said is :

1) Clic first point

2) Clic second point

3) Press Esc once

4) Press Esc an other time to exit the command

5) Select the line you want to move

6) Select the temporary dimension (and wish Revit will not snap to something unrelated)

7) Enter the dimension you need


What I suggest is :

1) Clic first point ( = base point)

2) Clic second point

3) Clic temporary dimension (Assuming Revit will evolve to always show temporary dimensions of the item we are drawing and not snap to something unrelated)

4) Enter the dimension you need (This is where Revit should know that the first clic = the base point so this point need to stay where it is and the line need to move closer or farther from this base point)


Like this, there is no need to move the rectangle after it's drawn and it would be quicker to draw with the good dimensions. Maybe it would make the step of drawing a little less "heavy".


Hope I was able to make it more clear this time.


Thank you!



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