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Stair Tool (complicated/non-intuitive) Improvements

Stair Tool (complicated/non-intuitive) Improvements

As many of us have undoubtedly experienced, creating custom stairs in Revit is unnecessarily challenging (especially when modelling as-found conditions). The "desired" vs. Actual number of steps, the offsets that don't actually reflect the offsets (top and bottom).... It is, in my opinion, the least intuitive tool in Revit. Adjusting the run is easy, but adjusting the rise is overly complicated.


Here's how I wish the stair tool would exist, in order to be more user friendly: 


Have 2 different options to create stairs.


1) Input the desired number of stairs (and have it actually remain that number of stairs), and have a top and base offset that actually reflects the measurements from the levels. This way works from large scale down to achieve the rise without specifying the dimensions of each stair.

2) The second option gives flexibility for adjusting the individual stair. Input the rise of one stair and the desired number of stairs. 


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Hi Hilary,

you can easyly input the rise of one stair if you use this little trick.

Suppose the desired number of risers is 11 and the desired riser hight is 17.2 cm.
Top Level: None
Desired Stair Height: =11*0.172

Desired Number of Risers: 11

...and there you go

Hope that helped you, Stefan 

choose riser heightchoose riser height

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