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Spreadsheet functionality

Spreadsheet functionality

Just re-iterating the long standing request for spreadsheet like functionality in Revit Schedule.  ability to use formulas in individual cells, and to format the appearance of cells  would be great.

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Absolutely—I was forced to move from Vectorworks to Revit, and am surprised how little flexibility and functionality Revit schedules provide. In VW you can perform all sorts of operations and calculations in what VW calls worksheets, allowing you to really do useful things within your BIM. In Revit I have to export schedule data to Excel to do this, and that export is not even natively supported. My BIM data is not nearly as useful if I can't work with it right within Revit, and having to buy an add-on to do so with yet another app is just silly.


Here's an example of a worksheet with calculations per the energy code for calculating the cumulative R-value of tapered roof insulation—all done right within the VW file:


This worksheet allows you to plug in numbers for the insulation R-value and base layer thickness so you can easily optimize the install to meet the code requirement. No idea how you might accomplish this in Revit—maybe with Dynamo, but no scripting was involved here. 


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