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Splitting Revisions Schedules

Splitting Revisions Schedules

A simple use of having the ability to split a revision schedule within a title block.


Currently, if a practice have their revision boxes beside each other, there is no way without painful formulas, to split the revision schedule instead of them filtering up and disappearing from the sheet.


This splitting function would give extra flexibility where needed. 



 Revision schedules can only be assigned to one locationRevision schedules can only be assigned to one location


A two-column Revision schedule cannot be created in Revit.  Revision Schedules are not able to be Split into two side-by-side schedules like any other schedule in Revit - meaning that some client's Titleblocks don't work well...see attached image.


It's not available natively. Which is a shame.
Here's a work around:





This post is started from 2016, and it's still and issue in 2022. Many clients Title blocks require us to have split rows / columns. The shared you tube video above works fine for small jobs that don't have many revisions, and/or they are issued by project instead of by sheet. When working on large projects with multiple revisions by sheet, it will not work. It is based on Revision Sequence on the split Revision Schedule and when you get  past the number of Revision sequences needed on a large project it will not work. Autodesk needs to create a way in Revit to split a revision schedule into 2 or 3 columns. depending on needs.


@ddixon8488 is 100% correct. We need this and the "workaround" is flawed at best.

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