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Split Project Browser up into separate menus for Views, Sheets, Familes, etc..

Split Project Browser up into separate menus for Views, Sheets, Familes, etc..

I would like the ability to have a sheet browser that is separate from a family browser or view browser. They would be dockable just like the project browser. 


I support this if the separate menu are tabs in the same space of project browser, like this (from ArcGIS Pro):

See Project and Bookmars tabs at the right; in Revit should be like Views,Schedule, Sheets, Family, rvt links, etc., as J.Thomason says.

Image source:


@samuelsanf (and same as this idea if tabs can be dragged off and docked separately): Tabbed project browser [FUTURE CONSIDERATION]


To be honest the Project browser just needs a radical overhaul to make it more usable. Totally agree part of this should be to split it up.


Families browser needs to be a much more intuitive and graphical affair. It should be more like a catalogue than a list... more like the materials browser.

Sheets browser needs the inbuilt ability to be grouped (Building A, Building B, Site, etc).

Views browser needs grouping the same as for sheets (the ??? when you assign a user parameter to do this is not very intuitive and could be better dealt with).


I'd rather see the developers going back to first principles and designing something that really works for us, rather than just splitting up what currently doesn't work that well.


Hey programmers think of it as an object tree: Sheets Sets are the parent object to Sheets, (which are currently only accessible in the print dialog). Sheets in turn are parent objects to Schedules, Legends and Views, which again is a parent objects to Families and Groups: I propose we get separate browsers or we can tear them off from the object tree as needed but at the very least we need a separate family browser for sure to keep from scrolling so much. Any list should fit on a single screen to be ergonomic, right?


Upvote for project browser overhaul. On a larger project navigating between Views, Sheets, and Families is an arduous task.

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