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Split Floors

Split Floors


 It would be great to use "Split" command to divide floor slabs in two (just like walls). This helps to get segmented slabs that can be adjusted in elevation height as civil drawing changes.


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Great Idea!


This improvement would be very important for German Revit users. It would be great if we could split floors along a dividing line.


In the Revit Wishlist 2017 in Germany it ranked #23 out of 52 wishes. You can find more information on

It is possible split a Wall, Structural Framing, Column... but not a Floor, Area Load, Foundation Slab, Structural Fabric Areas ...

What if we could split a Floor by Reference Plane, Grid or even a simple Line (3D if needed, then we could do it in a 3D View as well).

And while adding this possiblity, why not throw in Union.

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Currently the tool Split Element is able to split very quickly elements of many categories but not floor elements.


It would be great if this tool was able to split floor elements too, for example along a line.

(Current workarounds existing to split one floor element into too are very time consuming and unpractical...)


Yes please!


Split tools for ALL element types would be extremely useful (including floors, roofs, fascias, columns, beams, roofs...). Ideally this would be available in both 2D and 3D views.


Currently, as NoelieMagniere mentioned, what should be a simple split by line operation requires complicated workarounds. 






I'm going to guess this idea is not new, but the search button is not working today, for me.


We should be able to split a floor, ceiling or roof just like a wall, to allow partial demolition.


2021 now and can this be done - I don't think Revit LT can do it still


Feel free to vote this up, otherwise, it won't get noticed or considered. 


I still come across this as something I need in Revit 2022 all the time!


In structural engineering, fabricators may prefer to install beams in certain lengths, due to their own preferences and abilities, differently to the lengths we originally drew. So splitting an existing beam the same way you split a wall would be a huge help vs. re-drawing/copying work-arounds etc. 


The same goes for control joints in reinforced concrete floor slabs. These positions can change based on the architects final layout and annotating lines in a plan view don't show up in slab cross-sections. Being able to create a split in a floor while retaining reinforced steel information is also a much needed tool.  


I have been asking for this for years, maybe a decade or more!


You should be able to split a floor, ceiling or roof exactly the same way as using the "split face" tool.
Other options would be splitting along grid lines, reference lines etc, as others have mentioned.

And... any objects hosted on the floor or ceiling that is split should stay hosted on that particular piece of floor or ceiling unlike... when you split a wall, its a 50/50 chance if any workplane-based objects are actually still hosted to the correlating piece of wall.


Surely this can't be too difficult to implement.


Well its 2023 Revit now!

For me this need comes in 3 scenarios:

1. Renovation and additions - you draw up the existing building, always a task in itself and it has to be true to the existing building as at that point the actual future demolition is yet to be determined, there is no way I can start to already make up different floors and pads as some sort of predictive future for where the demo will be. These things change upon assessment after the existing model is made, and I get engineering advice etc. having send them the existing layouts.

With a split floor tool I could assess where the final demo will be with a finished existing building and then split the floor and keep what being kept and demo what is being demoed! - (This is also true for roofs as now I have to redraw another 2 roofs after having already done the existing roof - these 2 roofs have the existing and demolition components and then I demo the section that is going; seriously that is pretty crazy double handling - then if the client changes their mind or the costs are too high I have to do it again for a different demolition split)

2. variation / changes in floor heights after initial assessment by others that we have to split the heights - levels are always needing reassessment for many reasons, concepts in levels lead to making a split in the floors or sometimes traffic engineering ends up making me drop the garage floor after it was already assumed it would not be dropped and then I have to cut the floor and delete it and make another one and associate walls etc.

3. I really feel like a lot of Revit features has the assumption that we are working on final drawings and models all the time. I deal with the drawings from the beginning of concepts to the completed working drawings and clients change their minds, site realities come into play, costs blow out and revisions need to be done so trying to predict these things is impossible. Split flooring is essential!


look forward to it next year as this is a seriously important requirement!


You are absolutely correct in all of those points and I do feel your pain...

Having the ability to split things as you mentioned for demolition and changing parts of the floor or ceilings to alter their heights are perfect examples of why we need a split tool for these system families.

Another good example needed the split tool is when we do projects that start out as a single floor in the concept phase, but then turn out to have multiple split levels on one-floor level.  To be able to create a split ceiling or floor by way of selecting walls should be included in the criteria for the split tool.

Regarding your third point, I agree with that too!

I feel that Autodesk focus far too much on users that work on commercial projects such as hi-rise and warehouses and not enough on users who do smaller projects where that user is required to have a wider range of disciplines to carry out their projects on a much smaller design budget.


Life isn't always easy, but we don't need to make it harder than it needs to be...


This would be useful for modeling separate finish floors as well. One could start with a single generic finish floor that served as host for floor and face-based components. Later, as design developed, the floor could be split and types assigned to cover specific materials without the need to re-host the hosted components.

Status changed to: Accepted

Congrats! We think this is a great idea, so we've decided to add it to our roadmap. Thanks for the suggestion!


The Factory


Fantastic news that this idea is now on the roadmap.
@kimberly.fuhrman  could we also expand this idea to include splitting roofs and ceilings as well, as suggested in earlier posts?




This is great. Thank you @kimberly.fuhrman for the update. and thank you ALL for giving this one a vote!!


thanks fantastic news


yes also looking into splitting for roofs both extruded and by plan would be so great



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Do you know if and when this tool will be available ? Thanks


Hi, @ClementineReynard ,


Unfortunately we are not able to comment on "when" a feature or enhancement will be released. Our Revit Public Roadmaps can give you at least a sense of what our teams are currently working on...I can only advise to follow along for progress when the feature is added to the Roadmap and provide additional feedback there.


I am waiting with great anticipation, this will be so good when it lands!

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