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Space bar rotation

Space bar rotation

hitting the space bar rotates objects by 90 degrees counter clockwise. So does hitting the space bar with shift held down. Why does this not alter the rotation to go clockwise. The idea would be that it does.

Tested in R2024 and there is no difference between space and shift-space.


Note that space bar cycles through the functionality provided by the family's flip controls.  A family with only one flip control (e.g. a window) does not spin, it simply flips exterior/interior side.


@ks2_wmb Most windows I came across as revit families did offer some sort of handle and opened to one side or the other just like doors as well as inside-outside. My suggestion is merely to offer some functionality to the shift key. Some families offer rotations by 45 degrees and in these cases you need to space bar through a lot of iterations when it could be just hitting shift-spacebar once. Allow shift to shift things as it does when alt-tabbing through tasks or ctrl-tabbing through opened files.

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