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Soffit and frieze board trim

Soffit and frieze board trim

The fascia tool easily puts 1x2 trim along all fascias, gables or hips. Can we use that same method to place soffits, where it automatically finds the wall face and uses a family to put the kind of soffit you want connecting the fascia to the wall? Then, can we make the same kind of tool place a frieze board attached to the soffit and wall, in gables, and hips, instead of the annoying, slow wall sweep method? Even better would be having all of this done with the roof modeling. Just check a box and it does 1x2 at the fascia, check another box and it does the soffit of your choosing via type editor and family selector, and check another box and it draws in the frieze board, again via family and type editor. When you hit the green check mark, all that tedious, time consuming work is done automatically.

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