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Sketch editing enhancement

Sketch editing enhancement

Editing sketches in Revit always boils down to erasing old elements and adding new ones. Why not provide a similar functionality as polyline editing in AutoCAD. It took what feels like forever to get the add node or convert to arc/line functionality. There is some space left in sketch edit mode which could be used for a new method to morph a line into an arc or a spline into lne fragments. It would also be helpful if the add node feature provided for splines were added to all other entities as well.

(Tested this in Revit 2023)


@MichaelWolff : Polyline is still the best feature that Revit doesn't have. Polyline support would also bring automatic boundary detection. Just image associative Filled Regions with Polyline boundaries. :glowing_star:


@ipselute At first I thought the same but today I consider every sketch, path or profile a polyline. It is sad that they are not interchangeable but one feature I like about Revit (yes there are some) is that you cannot leave an object with a half finished sketch, you need to stick with until it is done. While associative filled regions would be nice they would probably put the brakes on Revit when every bit of boundary gets locked to its associate. I know of no way to produce a broken hatch pattern fill in Revit as you could do in AutoCAD.


@MichaelWolff : There is a command named Area Plan in the Architecture menu. It does exactly that: colored regions. And it doesn't slow down Revit. But it only works for Architecture. Engineers need a similar command to quickly define specific areas and do quick estimates of various small parts (rebars, formwork, spacers, tiles, bolts, steel plates, etc) that just doesn't worth modeling. 

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