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Simplify the Units aka “Type of Parameters” aka “data type”

Simplify the Units aka “Type of Parameters” aka “data type”

Simplify the Units aka “Type of Parameter” aka “data type” by doing the following:

  1. Wherever possible, “generalize” the names of the “Types of Parameter”. Having multiple options for the same result is confusing and redundant.
    1. Examples:
      • “Air Flow” and “Flow” could both be called “Volumetric Flow” or even more generally “Volume per Unit Time.”
      • “Power”, “Cooling Load”, “Heating Load”, “Heat Gain”, “Wattage” could all be grouped into one data type called “Power”, or “Energy Per Unit Time”
      • If you are working with fuels (like natural gas) you may want an Energy Content parameter with an “Energy divided by volume” data type. Right now, you have to decide between “Cooling Load divided by Volume” and “Heating Load divided by Volume”, neither of which is an accurate description.
    2. Remove the “Discipline” filter that is visible when creating a parameter or field. Density, Velocity, and many other units can be found under several disciplines. Sometimes the unit formatting you want is available in one discipline, and not the other(s). For example, if you are working with compressed air piping and want to see "CFM", you have to use the "HVAC - Airflow", not the "Piping - Flow." I don't see the value in adding this extra layer of complexity. Flow is flow regardless of who is talking about the flow.
    3. Alphabetize the “Type of Parameter” list that is visible when you are creating a parameter or field.


If implementing any of these would "break" existing shared parameters", never mind. It's not worth the re-work. But maybe item 1 could be implemented as new data types are created (like hopefully date, revolutions per minute, and mass flow rate), and item 3 could be implemented without much chaos.

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