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Simplify Curtain Grid editing

Simplify Curtain Grid editing

When Adding/Removing segments from curtain grid lines, you have to first select the grid line, select the "Add/Remove Segments" tool and then select each grid. When editing dozens of grid lines, this is quite time-consuming.


Much faster would be, if you could select the curtain wall, then select the "Add/Remove Segments" tool, all the grid lines become visible and you could just click on each segment you want to add/remove.

Changing this functionality would save us a lot of clicks and time.

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Great idea! While implementing this idea, the devs should also make the warning which tells you that mullions along the picked grid segment will be deleted ignorable. The way things are right now, you have to click 'Delete Element' every time you delete a grid segment, which adds unnecessary time to the process of deleting many grid segments.



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