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Simple creation of LED strips as Lighting Fixtures family in Revit

Simple creation of LED strips as Lighting Fixtures family in Revit

With the permission of one of the customers, I wanted to present an enhancement request for Revit. Currently, creating LED strips in Revit is time-consuming and problematic. 


LED strip.png


The Adaptive family cannot be nested into the Lighting Fixture family.


Error - Cannot load adaptive family.png


As one idea to solve this problem is to add Lighting Fixture as a selectable category in Adaptive Families. Currently, there is no such option.


Family Categories for Adaptive Family.png


This will allow for the creation of complex shapes with Dynamo script after specifying the path and will speed up the process of creating such elements.


The second option is to use Revit's built-in function similar to Sweep to be able to select a pre-prepared profile and create these types of elements after specifying multiple paths at once. If anyone has more interesting ideas, feel free to share. Thanks!

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Thank you, Rafal to bring our Rivit lighting limitation bring in front of Revit idea. 
the solution for this will be a great help for your team.

Thank you.



Doesn't this work?


Make single source Light Family Shared and Work Plane-Base and then nest it into an Adaptive Family. Host the Light Family to a single Adaptive Point. Nest this family into another Adaptive Family and host it to the node of a Divided Path splined through multiple Adaptive Points. Select the Light instance and press Repeat.  Associate the Divided Path properties to Family Type Parameters.






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