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Show totals on Properties palette when multiple selections

Show totals on Properties palette when multiple selections

I would like to have the option on Revit to show dimension totals on Properties palette on multiple selection, when selecting similar elements. At least for dimensions like Length, Area, Perimeter and Volume (better if all numeric parameter).


That would save times when someone what to know the total value of various elements without creating a schedule an configure it only for one time for various categories indivually or having to calculate it manually.


Properties palette.jpg


Of course, there's scenarios when viewing the common value is more useful, so there will be a place to configure what to shows, as we do informating for schedule.


That could be implemented with an Option Button on Properties palette (for more flexibility) or in the Multiple Values Indication window (Manage tab).


Multiple Values Indication.jpg



That should apply for system families and maybe for in-place families; not for loadable families (does not make sense to calculate the total the height of multiple doors).


Hi @samuelsanf,

We are currently working on an alternative property palette that will allow exactly this behavior (i.e. one can set which parameter to calculate aggregate values like sum, average, range/max/min).

If you are interested in early participation drop me line and I will keep you updated!



Glad to hear this is being worked on. I wish I had it right now!

It would be definetely a time saving!

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