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Show count of columns currently selected

Show count of columns currently selected

Currently fiddling with schedules again in Revit 2023 and found it annoying to adjust the widths of columns. I am working on a (horribly detailed) door schedule and I need a bundle of yes/no parameters to be all exactly the same width. Revit helps out by dividing the width you give in the dialogue box equally between the selected columns. This would be brilliant if it also told you how many you had selected in the first place. According to Revit philosophy you need to count the columns manually and then enter "equals desired single column width times the number you just counted".

I propose to mention the number of selected columns or cells in the message bar or misuse the filter figure on the bottom right while in schedule view (as it only shows a reliable number once you re-enter a model view anyway).

Even if you do not like this idea/rant, I thank you for reading this far.

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