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Sheet lists

Sheet lists

A useful tool would be the ability to create a sheet print set based on the parameter 'appears in sheet list' check box. This way you could ensure that all the sheets that appear in the sheet list (drawing register) are also in the print set instead of needing to troll through all the sheets in print set and check them against the drawing register to make sure they correspond.


An additional feature would be to allocate what 'sheet list' they appear in if you had different print sets. Another useful application for this would be for applying revisions to a sheet set instead of having to select each sheet when copying & pasting a revision cloud to other views using the 'align to selected views' option.


Just found this add-in which looks like it should do the trick! why can't Revit do it!


'Print index' app only compatible for Revit 2015, 16 & 17


In regards to being able to print a set of sheets based on the Sheet List, pyRevit has that tool.  Works great!


In regards to being able to set a revision to various sheets at once, I use Xrev freebies, UpRev add-in app to do that.  Free and works well.  Not automatic by print set though, but you can easily select your sheets including placeholder sheets and set the revision to that sheet. 

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