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Sheet Creation for Assemblies - Idea #1

Sheet Creation for Assemblies - Idea #1

Currently, the way assemblies are organized right now, you have to scroll to the very bottom of your project browser, expand assemblies tab, find/expand the assembly name and then scroll to the bottom of that list to finally get to the assembly sheet. You only see about 5-6 assembly sheets at a time in your browser; see attached snip. We don't use assembly sheets for this reason. 

Instead, we create our own sheets and then place our assembly views on those. This lets us keep all our sheets under the sheets TAB and lets us organize our sheets. It also lets us start a sheet with a sheet number that makes sense (currently assembly sheets are all created as #A101) and then copy/paste that sheet to get consecutive numbered sheets. EX. if assembly names are FAB-001, FAB-002, FAB-003 then our new sheet starts at # FAB-001, then pasted copies of this sheet automatically take the next consecutive number...FAB-002, FAB-003, etc.


What I would change is to allow assembly sheets to be viewed, filtered and organized with all the other sheets and still be visible under the assembly.

I would also add some options on how assembly sheets are created, like using the first 7 characters of the assembly name as the sheet number. Or an assembly sheet template.

I will expand on this in Sheet Creation for Assemblies - Idea #1

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