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Shared storage location for material library and "Pack&Go" for library

Shared storage location for material library and "Pack&Go" for library

Shared storage location for material library
How could it be?
Make it possible that we can save a material library with standard materials centrally on the server and use it across projects.
In addition, we require project-specific material libraries with the same functionality.
These libraries should contain all necessary information of the materials. (Appear realistic with images, appearance, hatchings, physical properties and so on ...)
The libraries should work in the same way with both Revit and Inventor.

Desired scenario: We create a folder on the server ("Company Standard Materials") in which we save the file Standard.adesklib. This folder also stores images for the appearance of the materials (abc.jpg and xyz.png). Likewise the hatching files (xy.pat).
For custom materials, a folder will be created as well.
At the moment this does not work!
If only one employee works in Revit it works (eg early in the morning;)) As soon as a second employee opens Revit, the libraries in the material browser are given a yellow exclamation mark (!) And the message "There are no materials in this library" appears ,

That would be the first wish!

The second one is:
A "Pack & Go" or "E-Transmitt" function for libraries.
Where do we need this feature for?
External offices work for us. It is not always possible to create a uniform server structure with paths of the same name (external and internal). All material appearance (image files) must be relinked.

Yes, I know that are no new wishes for Revit and Inventor. I find here in the forum some posts about it. Also very old posts. But for all there is only "Gathering Support".

Kind regards from Germany!

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I need a pack-n-go function for materials right now! I have a model with 100+ custom materials are necessary, and transmitting the model to the client and having them repath the textures to their server is F'ing AWFUL. DEAL WITH THIS ISSUE PLEASE!!!

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