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Shared Parameters

Shared Parameters

Is it possible to eliminate the need for Shared Parameters?  I am not a computer programmer, but why is a separate .txt file required.  I don't understand it and just want to model my projects and have it work and not worry about a Shared Parameters file.  Also, why can't all parameters appear in schedules and tags?  Simplifying the parameter system would be a big upgrade.


You really don't need to understand the .txt file in order to use shared parameters. That's just where Revit stores the info. I have never touched that file and I have set up all sorts of shared parameters.


I also strongly, STRONGLY disagree that all parameters should automatically be scheduleable/taggable. Families can have tons of parameters in them that are used solely to control the family itself. Allowing all of those to be tagged/scheduled by default would add an immense amount of clutter to any menu that lists available parameters. Not to mention less savvy users to throw a parameter that was never meant to see the light of day onto a schedule and confuse everyone.


There are plenty of resources out there in order to learn how to use shared parameters, starting with the user forum here. Just take the time to learn how the system works. Of course there are some tweaks here and there or even some more significant improvements that would be helpful, but the system itself should not be thrown out.


@brooklynnumber1 : wholeheartedly agree! Wrote about his in a response to the 'parameters service' used in ACC:

IMO, Shared Parameters are a cumbersome solution for one of Revit's biggest fundamental problems - the (lack of) connection between Families and Project. For the average  Revit user, the Shared Parameter concept is hard to grasp. And if you don't lock down the creation of Shared Parameters, you'll end up with multiple Shared Parameter files, all containing the same parameter names, but with different GUID's. Messy at best. I don't see any benefit bringing this crippled concept to the cloud?

Instead, I would focus on creating a proper way connecting Families to Project....


I agree with  mhiserZFHXS.


Understanding the parameter types and their limitations are Revit fundamentals. It will take a while of family/schedule building to "get it". But once you do, you'll understand. 


If the shared parameters you created don't appear in the schedule builder, it is because none of the families in that category include those parameters. 


You should plan and document shared parameters to avoid creating duplicates. Lack of planning doesn't mean parameters are bad features. If you have multiple shared parameter files ... well, there's your problem. 


I'm not knowledgeable enough to tell if storing them in a txt file is the best option, or if they could be included in the project. But I think using the txt file allows to use the same share parameters over multiple projects/people. 


Feel free to not use shared parameters if you don't like them. I don't think the ideas forum is to request REMOVING features. Revit has many features I don't use, but someone does. 



Its like some kind of magic.  Years of Revit  and  explanations and I still dont get it.  I use workarounds.

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