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Shared Parameters File Folder

Shared Parameters File Folder

Ribbon > Manage > Shared Parameters Dialog...  Instead of the dialog pointing to a single txt "file," my wish is to point it to a "File Folder" containing multiple txt files.  If I'm using the Victaulic addon, it needs the Victaulic shared txt file.  If I am using SysQue, it needs the SysQue txt file, if I am using RoomBook it needs the RoomBook txt file.  Well, what about my company's <Insert colorful adjective> shared param file?  Do I add my companies shared params to RoomBook, Victaulic??  When those addons update, they often overwrite their own shared params.  I have lost my custom shared params that way.  Revit needs a way to leverage more than one txt containing shared params from differing sources that independently get overwritten.

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