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Shared parameter information available for formulas in tags (Not just labels)

Shared parameter information available for formulas in tags (Not just labels)

I'd like to be able to control visibility of linework and annotations in my tags based on yes/no shared parameters in the tag host. For example; tag a receptacle with a tag that shows the receptacle symbol (for very crowded drawings and  maybe I don't want to make an enlarged plan every-time) and the symbol that the tag shows is based on yes/no parameters in the receptacle such as is this a duplex, double duplex, counter mounted, etc. Seems like not a radical addition seeing how we can already access the tag host's shared parameters with labels in the tag family.


Another use case for this idea

In our drawings, we tag AV devices with something that looks like this




The “IWB” is just a label, reading a parameter that is essentially a “Type Mark.”  The two symbols below are saying (if you read the legend), that we need the Electrical Consultant to prove a duplex power outlet in their drawings, and we need the IT consultant to provide a data drop on their drawings.  The family actually has an embedded data family and an embedded electrical fixture family; if those categories were visible, you would see them.  The other consultants can see them.  But, a lot of times or deliverable is the PDF, so we need to indicate this info in our drawings.


The thing is, there are a lot of variations on that tag to represent different requirements.  (about 20 of them, and growing)




And we rely on the user to pick the right one from the list, which means that we have a possibility for someone to select the options for that box that has duplex data and a standard data drop, but inadvertently choose the tag that says it requires a hardwired connection for a motor. 


I already have yes/no parameters in the box family that control the power and data,  and I have parameters in the tag  family to control the visibility of the power and data symbols.  What I need is for there to be a way to link the parameters in the tag to parameters in the box.




It’s OK if I have to create an extra parameter in the tag that reads, for example “Show Power” and then my “Show Symbol1” parameter can have a formula like “= Show Power”  In fact, I think that it’s better if I can simply grab the value of any parameter in the object being tagged (I’m assuming it will be limited to shared parameters), so that I can use those values in formulas in the tag family.


I could Imagine a that the Solution would look something like this: 



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