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Shape detailing and color scheme

Shape detailing and color scheme

FIRST: It's EXTREMELY NEEDED A REBAR SHAPE DETAILING THAT WORKS! Structural engineers need something that works fine. You can say that there are more plug-ins... But all of them are crap!


SECOND: It would be great if the color scheme option could also be used with floors... For example: i have like 10 floors on the same level but with different offsets (or marks or loads and so on...) and i need to categorize all the floors in plants... so i assign a different color for each floor (based obv. on the mark or offset and so on). 

It would be REAL GREAT if the color scheme or the colors in general can take part in a floor schedule. In this way the floors could be recognized at glance!



Please stop asking for a 'rebar shape detailing' tool. This is the most requested feature of all times for revit. Autodesk is simply determined NOT to implement it. You can use third-party extensions that can do that very well (Sofistik, Graitec, etc).

P.S. I hate the Autodesk policy in this matter, too. But there is nothing i can do about it.

Status changed to: Accepted
Status changed to: Implemented

We are pleased to say that the bending details have been implemented in Revit 2024! Thank you for your contribution to improving Revit!

Help | Bar Bending Details on Reinforcement Drawings | Autodesk


For tracking the second idea mentioned in the initial thread, I would recommand creating a new idea, to gather the community's support.

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