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Set View Range Within Master Linked Model and Map to Active Model View

Set View Range Within Master Linked Model and Map to Active Model View

Currently it is possible to set in VG for a view that it is to be "by linked view", allowing for control of the link's view range that is shown. This works great, for example, when I have an Architectural model linked into an MEP model and I want to drive the floor plan visibility to match the link directly. However, I still need to set my model's view range (in the respective view) to match.


I would like to be able to inherit (or map) that links view range to override the view range controls set in the associated view through the properties palette. Having a pull-down selection similar to the "by linked view" function where I could choose a view from a linked model to map from.


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It seems silly to have to create a view in the link and set "By linked view" just to be able to adjust View Range separately... and then you have to deal with other things like not being able to hide Element by View... having to go back and forth to make changes... etc.


My use case:

Architect didn't model demolition of a slab properly (removed the demolished area, instead of creating a separate slab to be demolished), so an existing plan showed the future outline and ceiling elements below (in the "hole"). Hiding the floor showed ALL ceiling elements below. To avoid having to make overlapping plans (to show beams below), I wound up creating a view in the link and setting View Range to stop at level.

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