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Set up a default Bim 360 project when opening revit

Set up a default Bim 360 project when opening revit

When opening Revit and clicking on BIM360, to choose a project, usually if you have multiple projects on BIM360, the projects appear alphabetically. If have multiple projects, but working in a specific one predominantly , it would be nice to have there appear the latest project that you accessed or maybe to set a default project that you see every time when opening Revit.

idea Revit.png

I really think it would help.




For me it's actually a source of stress, as I have access to multiple projects with similar folder structure, and I need to be very careful which one I open and work with. Highly approving of the request.


Claudia, I 100% agree.  Unfortunately our company starts with a "W" and most other accounts I am a member of are alphabetically before that.  I do 90% of my work in our account.  Every single time I log in I have to shift to our account.  This is not a "nice to have" in my opinion; it is a critical fix.


I agree on this idea, and echo what @claudia.rusu @oana.rusu and @rvanhethof said, 100%! 

With the other improvements in Revit 2023-24 that now give us back the ability to SaveAs from a previous cloud-synced copy (like we have had for years on LAN-based central  files), it's time this was fixed as well... and hopefully will not require us to upgrade our files to Revit 2025!

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