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Set Tag type by PICK

Set Tag type by PICK

Setting and changing tag types is such an arduous lengthy process.  Open the dialogue, scoll the dialogue box, click to get the tiny triangle pulldown, scroll the tag types.  It's fine at the beginning of work when you do alot of the same tagging at once.  But after that first go round, adding bits and pieces, it would be nice to be able to SET the tag type you want by picking a tag already in use in a view.  


If I understood your post right, you can already do this: select a tag and click "create similar" (default shortcut: CS). That will create a new tag of the same type that you can then connect to a new element with a single click. 




My idea is simply to request a more robust method of changing tags without the extensive scrolling, clicking, and scrolling again.  I didn't post it because I don't have an alternate method, or a workaround to perform this task, I do.  I posted it because in principle we shouldn't have to implement workarounds to save excessive clicking and scrolling time.  I posted it because this is a long arduous process and I feel that ANYTHING lengthy and arduous in Revit SHOULD have an alternate option to bypass all the clicking and scrolling inherent to Revit.   


Additionally you can't even shorten the initial scrolling requirement because if you turn off all the other discipline tag options (that you would never tag in your project) they disappear off the views as well and now you can't show architectural stairs or mechanical ducts or anything else globally in your project views.




It is a good idea.  While you are waiting for it to be officially implemented, get pyRevit and it has the exact tool you need.






Having a default tag for a view type would be grand, too!  Floor plans get X type, sections get Y type by default. 


In our workflow, in plan,  outlets get tagged with their height.  In section, they get tagged with type comment

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