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Select Nested Families Individually

Select Nested Families Individually

Moving this topic to a separate Idea.


Actually suggested by Elton Williams over at, but a good one.


When building a family with nested families in it and adding a Family Type parameter to it, it works great inside the family editor as it shows just the nested families that are already in the family, but when loaded in your project you can choose each family of that category in your project with the parameter pull-down.


This of course is great for some families, but I would like to at least have some option to just have the nested families that are IN the family to be choosable (I know, not a word) in the project. This will make a lot of things much easier and faster for users as there is much less chance of people breaking families or even freezing Revit when choosing the wrong family in the project.


So maybe a Yes/No parameter in the family, like the one we have for 'Always Vertical'. Something like 'Use nested families in family only'

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I've been thinking about this as well.

The way this parameter currently works is often confusing for my colleagues and is cause for problems/errors in Revit.

Indeed a check for "only nested in family" would solve many problems.


This idea was started by merging a few different ideas, among which a very popular idea that proposed to have a way to filter the list we get in the family type parameter.


Inside the family would definitely be helpful, but other filters (for example contains a certain string in the family or type name) would be helpful as well. We currently avoid the family type parameter because it gets too confusing for our users.


The <Family Type> parameter needs some work, and I'll take what I can get, but I'd prefer a way to look for something in the family name or properties to control what it should show.  I'd like to be able to take advantage of how shared families work, loading extra/modifying ones at the project level, but have only specific ones in a category show up.  


Sometimes restricting it to those at the family level would be enough, but I hope that it could be set at the parameter level, rather then the family level for better flexibility.


Indeed, more filters are welcome as well. There is even something similar in Revit already, where you can assign a profile to a specific category of families. 

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I think the best approach to this would be to either let us create new Family Types (challenging) or allow Subcategories to be chosen as Family Types for this purpose. Either would result in the filtering effect we're looking for.


It seems that this isn't implemented consistently - the Weld symbol (for example) only shows the Generic Annotation families/types that are in the family, but pile caps show all the piles in the project. Maybe annotation families only show types in the family (Detail Components are the same) but model families show all types in project?


The weld symbol is also a good example for how this feature could be used - there are 3 "contour" types and a bunch of "symbol" types, but the variables should be able to be restricted to only one or the other (right now all types are available to choose for each).


EDIT: and a more general version of this idea is here: Combo box for parameter attributes

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I know this is an old post but it never hurts to revive an issue that still needs a solution. This is one of those problems that we unfortunately need to find a workaround for until Autodesk can give us a better solution.


I've been looking into Dynamo and there MAY be a way to get this to work but for now here was my workaround.


To limit the items that populate the list I created my embedded components using a family type that we don't use in our models. For example, I work in Architecture and don't use the sprinklers or data components. I created several door panels using the sprinkler template. I embedded those into my door family and now when the user goes to pick which panel they want they only see those items.

Seems very counter-intuitive but it has worked well for us.


There is no old post in the ideas section until they implemented the idea or the idea is scrapped, which they do when interest runs out.

So be sure to also vote it up!


I also came to the same problem with nested families and family type parameter, when i created an all in one family.
 I did the same workaround that @Anonymous  described above. Yeah it works, but its not really intuitive, because the family type parameter is named by the name follwed by category (i.e. Doorframe <Doors>). So with those other categories as nested families, it could get confusing for someone who doesn't know much about families, when in the properties tab
the parmeter is named, i.e. Doorhandle <sprinklers>. I work in a small architecture office, but i could imagine that it also becomes a problem in bigger offices, where architects, structural engineers and technical engenieers work together on one project. Because then those categories are used.
It would be nice and i guess not a very big deal, if the family type parameter depends on the Subcategory, which you can already choose within the families to control the view of the element. So that if it is the main category (i.e. Doors) it will show ALL subcategory families and if it is a subcategory (i.e. Doorframe) only the families with that subcategory are displayed in the dropdown list.

So, next to the <Family Type ...> parameter type add another one that only shows families nested in the family itself and don't allow shared families to be selected in the project environment.

<Family Editor Type ...> maybe...


A simple on/off for the whole family would be a limiting factor.


Would these nested families in the family be shared or not, shared ones (if not used) can be purged from the project and so the family won't have acces to that one any more.


+1 for being able to set filters for the Type Selector. Filters to be established in the family file, and carried into project environment (e.g. only certain subcategories, only families with certain strings or prefixes, etc.). 

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