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Select All Revision clouds

Select All Revision clouds


Pretty self explanatory. I would like to be able to select all instances of revision clouds in project or visible in view.



Select all clouds of a specific revision, not just all clouds


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dyn file

try this dynamo script (not really tested yet)


Thanks @Anonymous I will take a look.


@autodesk Still would like to be able to right click and select all clouds.

Is there any updates to this functionality? Seems like an easy add instead of having the alternatives for Select All Instances greyed out?

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Hard to believe you still can't select all instances of revision clouds.  What's up Autodesk? Why, after 4.5 years, still no movement on requests like this? For the amount of money folks pay every year to use this software, it doesn't seem like a lot to ask to address requests like this.  


I'm guessing this option is intentionally grayed out because they don't know if you intend to select every revision cloud from every revision, or every revision cloud from the selected revision. This could lead to someone selecting and accidentally deleting all instances of all revision clouds in the entire model. I would think a simple solution would be to just prompt you with a question if you run the command on revision clouds.

Well that shouldn't matter. If I intend to select every revision cloud, either in the view or entire model, I should be able to. I can do it with Add-Ons, which means the functionality is definitely reachable and working as expected. It is just stupid that it cannot be done in standard Revit.

I mean, you can "accidentally" select all Walls and delete them so this is no difference really.


@magnus.enstromBIM , I agree with you.


Autodesk is a complete joke how users STILL cannot easily move revision clouds of multiple sheets or in the entire project cannot be moved to another sequence. The entire structure needs to be more fluid and is inexcusable for an issue that is going on seven (7) years [as of 2023, circa 2016] of being recognized as a major hindrance. STOP PAYING FOR POORLY SUPPORTED AUTODESK PRODUCTS.


I agree. We need this functionality.

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