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Section markers visible and selectable in 3D views

Section markers visible and selectable in 3D views

Now we have the great addition in Revit 2019 of levels visible in 3D views surely the next logical step would be to have section markers visible in 3D views also and which could be activated by double clicking (as per plan views).


The visibility of the markers would also be switchable in visibility graphics. It would also be nice to be able to change their look (linetype/colour) in VG to help them be more visible in the drawing fog of a scheme.


At the moment if we're working in 3D and have a number of section views we have no idea which section is relevant to where we want to view or model at that moment so we have to go back to a plan view (for reference), work out which section is relevant then double click to activate. If they were visible in 3D views then a simple double click of the relevant section takes you straight there. 

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....And grid lines. They could even be displayed in 2D like bringing in a CAD file.


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