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Section Box Visibility

Section Box Visibility

I would like a visibility button for the section box command to turn on or off the box in a view added to the bar at the bottom of screen near the Crop Region button.


Currently the only option is to turn the box on or off in the Extents section of the Properties Dialogue. I want it on but not visible.


I use it for plumbing stacks in a building, showing a 3D view of the stack. To turn the visibility on or off I have to go into VG/Annotations and scroll down to Section Box and pick. Very cumbersome to do when you are producing many views.

Not applicable

You can also drive your work associates crazy by right click -->Hide in view....



This is a great idea. I'd love it to be in the View Properties palette in Extents next to Crop View, Crop Region Visible, Section Box, "Section Region Visible". (just to make it match).

I've never used the crop view buttons on the View Control Bar, weirdly enough. I use it primarily for temporary overrides and temporary view templates. But I'm certainly not opposed to it being in the VCB.




Agreed it should look something like this.



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