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Searching family in properties can read metadata

Searching family in properties can read metadata

This could be any metadata property that is:

  • instance or type
  • custom parameter(user) or in-built(hardcoded)

Example 1: If I had a number of GM's and the type name was based on a size LxWxB... , but in the description it is known as a Type-X by searching for type-x it would find this. 

Example 2: no family name contains 50mm Thk, but by searching 50 it would reveal any family that has a dimension property of 50mm, or even if this is mentioned in description/fire rating...., unless I type 50mm then it would only search for dimension of 50mm



The proposed idea is to add a search function to the type and instance parameters of families in Revit. This would allow users to quickly find and edit the parameter they are looking for, ultimately improving workflow efficiency.


The only way to currently search for families in the properties browser is to search by using the family name and family names can be quite obscure in the way they name them.

Why not add a meta-tag text parameter that we can use for searches?

There are so many possible names for the same item e.g. tap, faucet, mixer or spout etc.

But if I had a family meta-tag  ("kitchen, tap, mixer, spout, faucet") then I would  find my kitchen taps with ease!



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