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Scope box without Crop Region or Autoscale to Scope box

Scope box without Crop Region or Autoscale to Scope box

Moving a scopebox to a sheet. 

Time and time again it will be placed outside the sheet because of a crop region that is way bigger then the scope box. 


So my proposal. A scope box without the crop region.  Or a button to automatically change the crop region to the size of the scopebox. Whatever is easier.


Second - I have a small section box and I changed the size of the crop region. If I hit the view cube to change the rotation then. The rotation will almost always move the section box outside of the crop region.


And yes, the little poo inside the rectangle (the crop region) is the scope box. Directly after I made the scopebox. Did not change the size of the crop region. 



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I forgot something


The red rectangle is the crop region. What is the blue rectangle? And you only see it when you put it on a sheet.


In this view I have a floorvoid that is about the size of the rectangle.

In an other view with this mishap I have a big Linked revit file.









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