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Schematic - Linking Detail Item Category (For Schematic drawings) directly to Equivalent Model Category Family

Schematic - Linking Detail Item Category (For Schematic drawings) directly to Equivalent Model Category Family

Can Autodesk improve Core functionality for AEC teams by creating features that improve how schematic (Single Line Diagrams) are created in the Revit platform?


Some External add-ins have functionality similar to this (PowerCAD as an example can generate a SLD schematic which, for example  automatically updates the SLD Distribution Board when the associated Electrical Equipment Panel Name is renamed).


As the schematic is a single line representation of modelled equipment an optimum method for maintaining consistency between the Modelled element and the SLD schematic representation could be for example:


  1. Model the Electrical Equipment Category Distribution Board
  2. Open a drafting view
  3. "New Feature" in drafting view - you are able to, for example "Tag" (or similar new function) the Electrical Distribution Board from step 1. which would then create a detail Item family which forms an instantaneous link between the two elements.
  4. These two categories are now permanently linked.
  5. All Parameters from the Electrical Equipment Family are then accessible to the linked Detail Item Schematic (located on the drafting view) and vice versa.
  6. An update of 1 parameter in either element is automatically updated in the other element (or if not automatic, then through a sync function)

This functionality could easily be expanded to Mechanical (Mech Equipment and Associated Linked Detail Item) and furthermore benefit Hydraulic / Fire disciplines.

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Nice one Steve,

It would also be nice if the boards' connections would show as well, in both directions if possible.

This would confirm the connections between boards and could be adjusted to look nice on the page.

Ideally it would work in either direction - model > SLD, SLD > model



I would love to see this in Core Revit as well. Basically the ability to put in a Detail Item on a Drafting View and create and declare the detail item is a representation of the modeled item, and can be tagged with all the parameters of the modeled item. 


I believe the Rushforth add-in can do this, but from what I remember it was a little cumbersome and would cost several thousand dollars a year for a company like mine; that being said, it's a well written add-in with other useful tools as well (shared parameter grouping and management being the one I used).

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