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Schedules within the Family editor

Schedules within the Family editor

I make quite a few families on the fly while I'm working on a project and because of that I regularly have to revisit them to add extra parameters for controllability. 


This issue I come across is that when I add, for example, a yes/no parameter to a family that already has a number of different types, all of the existing family types acquire the new parameter with the same value. To correct this before I reload the family I have to open the family types dialogue and then work down the list of existing families in the dropdown list to assign the correct value to the new parameter one by one.


To make this process easier, I propose to add scheduling within the family editor itself so that I can view all of the family types in one view and quickly adjust values accordingly. 


Like a schedule of all of the parameters and their values set for each of the types in the family...  And you could adjust everything there automatically.  It could even having sorting and grouping like a schedule so we could change all types with one change for instance.  I like it!!!!


Hi, I hope I understand correctly.


I have a work around for you (while waiting for your idea to be implemented) :

To uncheck to new yes/no parameters from all your other types, enter 1=0 in the "formula" box. Then clic apply.

Since the answer of "1=0" is false, it will uncheck the parameter for every type.

Now remove the formula and check it only for the type you need.


A schedule could be really nice. It could be really quick to work with a lot of types.


Thanks, @Evalucia I will definitely be using that 🙂 

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