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Schedules in Legends

Schedules in Legends

Allow Schedules to be nested inside of Legends.  We often find ourselves with notes and items that require aligning a legend over a schedule across multiple sheets, but allowing schedules to nest inside of legends would dramatically simplify this process.

  1. Ability to Tag Legend Components
  2. Ability to rotate Legend Components
  3. Option for "Floor Plan View" for Floors, Ceilings, etc.
  4.  Ability to Override Graphics, apply Filters, etc to Legend Components


The additional functionality listed above would be beneficial for drafting views as well. While I can understand from a project organizational standpoint why users would want to distinguish between drafting/legend views and model views… I don't understand why this needs to limit what information goes into a drafting or legend view. Revit could be so much powerful if users were able to place or nest any model or drafting element (including groups, assemblies, or schedules) into legend and drafting views along with other 2D information, which isn’t necessarily extra information off to the side or part of your project model. There seem to be several functional discrepancies between component types in drafting and legend views as well. For example, currently, you can dimension columns, windows, doors, and furniture but not walls for some reason? Walls can not be snapped to either? Why?

Also, the ability to tag (with any tag type (multi-category or category), instance or type) to any system or user component families as well as groups/assemblies and be able to dimension all these components in legend and drafting views, would be a vast improvement. Both 2d detail (detail and model lines) and model objects can co-exist with full functionality in model views, why not in drafting and legend views. The information can still be isolated/filtered by view when it comes to overall project quantity takeoffs/ costing etc.  


Other peripheral changes that would be a benefit:


  1. The ability to save/copy assemblies and all associated views from project to project (like a group) would be great. This would really help with creating container-type standard files to add to each project.
  2. More flexible massing components to be drawn as any shape but still, have the parametric power of a conceptual mass element. This would greatly help integrate the functional programming and conceptual massing stages of projects, beyond just squares or bubbles.

YES!  I have footnotes that ride with my wall schedules and would love to keep them paired this way.


This would also streamline the process of clouding a schedule.

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